A new addition to our programme!

27 januari, 2022

Actress feat. MILYMA

It’s hard to pin down Darren Cunningham: every move the musician makes as Actress is a completely unexpected one. Whether he changes timbre and colour completely, or reaches heights of a satellite in just a whim: the Briton always proves to be prolific in delivering innovative sonical work. Together with Swiss R&B singer, producer and composer Milyma, Actress will create a whole new set of musical textures and compositions for Birds of Paradise Festival 2022.

They might sound as organic as Cunninghams latest offering Karma & Desire (2020), but they will be in fact partly generated by the do it yourself-AI programme Young Paint, enriched by the piano treatments of Milyma. Be prepared for a flight onto duality, fluid but completing energies and mental processing systems – all filled with unexpected turns, sudden whirlwinds and thrilling landings.

Stay tuned: our last name will be announced next tuesday, 12:00 pm sharp!